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ansel adams

What Families are saying:

"Caleah was amazing! We were SO lucky to have her present at our birth.  She helped tremendously with pain relief, especially back labor and showed my partner and mom so that everyone could tag team. She made sure I continued to drink water and helped bring my partner and mom anything they needed.  She had a very calming presence and helped keep me calm and grounded."                                                                                        

- Kelly (baby #2, waterbirth at home)

"I thought the Rebozo work Caleah did was really helpful in positioning baby and helping things move along. Caleah somehow was able to hold my leg up in the air and apply pressure to my back continuously for at least 2 hours through the birth of my baby. I don't know how she was able to do this,  but I was immensely grateful for her physical strength and support. Caleah was also an immediately calming presence when she arrived, and I felt completely comfortable with my surroundings during birth. Additionally, Caleah did a great job of keeping me focused and settled when my older son needed to be picked up and my partner needed to help him out to the car. I would have been very stressed if not for her calming presence."

- Amy (baby #2, VBAC at home)

"Caleah was the greatest advocate of my commitment and dedication to my prenatal and birthing plan. When I felt weak and unsure, Caleah's calm reassuring presence and wisdom strengthened my resolve. An when the contractions began and intensified, and my inner fears arose, she gave me more than her labor knowledge. She was a symbol reminding me that I wasn't alone, I wasn't helpless, and my fears had no power over me. I put my faith in her, and because she had faith in me I didn't give up on myself or what I wanted for my baby. When it mattered most, I found my spirit and my strength, and I couldn't have done it without her."

- Vanessa (baby #2, 1st unmedicated birth )

"We owe our positive birth experience to Caleah!  Through my very long labor, she made sure my husband had breaks, that we both ate and drank enough, and that I had counter-pressure when I needed it.  I was so grateful for her physical strength and endurance - because of it I was able to handle the back-labor.  I was also grateful for her ideas and suggestions that helped with positioning during labor and healing during post-partum recovery.  She was a wealth of resources and knowledge, in addition to the emotional and physical support.  We asked her to take pictures during labor as well, and I couldn't believe how well she documented everything- I almost never saw her holding the camera!  She photographed those first sweet moments I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  She went above and beyond for us- We are so blessed to have found her!"

-Rachel (baby #1, vaginal birth)