• Meet for 2  prenatal VISITS lasting approximately 2-3 hours a time

  • ACCOMPANY you to a meeting with your caregiver, if so you choose

  • Phone and email CORRESPONDENCE

  • RESOURCES and references, including access to my lending library

  • Postpartum MEAL PLANNING

  • Emotional SUPPORT prior to your birth

  • HELP  writing your birth preferences

  • TECHNIQUES to help let go of fear and anxiety surrounding pregnancy, birth and parenting


In the Postpartum period

  • CONTINUOUS physical and emotional support.  I will join you when labor starts and stay with you throughout your entire labor.                                                              

  • COMFORT measures and help with position changes

  • RELAXATION techniques including  AROMATHERAPY,  guided visualization and/or massage to speed up labor and/or reduce discomfort

  • Create a PEACEFUL ambiance with candles and lighting 

  • Remind you of your intentions and create the space and time you need in order for you to ADVOCATE for yourselves

  • Quiet support and GUIDENCE for your partner

  • Take photos and notes

ansel adams

Madison Doula

During labor and birth

Birth doula services will include support:

  • STAY WITH YOU until breastfeeding is established

  • Troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues you may have in the weeks after birth

  • 1-2  visits to  check and make sure you and baby are HAPPY and HEALTHY

  • Give you referals and references if you need further support

  • A little gift of PHOTOS and SITZ BATH HERBS

  • Phone and email support

IMG_2642 moon nest labor

Above painting by Amanda Greavette



Curious to know more about what a doula supported birth looks like or have questioins about our role in your labor and birth?

Come meet us at the Doulas' Happy Hour:

Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 4:30pm - 5:30pm 

6409 Odana Rd Suite 11A, Madison, WI 53719


Current/Past Clients:

As I'm a member of the Madison Doula Collective, you can be rest assured that there will always be a backup doula on call.  Come meet your backup doulas during one of our quarterly 2hour social events with snacks and beverages!  




Postpartum doula services will include:

Support with breastfeeding

Light housekeeping

Help adjusting to parenthood




A listening ear and an open heart